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Where Was The Outrage When President Clinton Threatened To Destroy North Korea?

Where Was the Outrage When President Clinton Threatened to Destroy North Korea?

By James Sterling

While I am personally not a fan of President Trump’s, it doesn’t take a supporter to see that the left will oppose him at every turn even if it requires open hypocrisy. This bias is rooted in personality politics and has little to do with actual policy. Trump’s strong words to North Korea have once again exposed this double standard.

Trump’s recent rhetoric toward the hostile regime in North Korea has evoked the ire of the left. Just read the comment sections of any left wing news outlet and you’ll see people are not only blaming Trump for the existence of a 60-year-old conflict, but they are certain that his words will lead us to nuclear war.

The truth is that tyrants, like the bullies they are, only respond to strength. Eight years of “please be nice” diplomacy from the previous administration only emboldened the North Korean regime. When a tyrant is threatening you, you must stand up for yourself, lest you invite further aggression.

There was a time when even the left understood this. In July of 1993, President Clinton responded to North Korea’s continued pursuit of nuclear technology with a grave warning. Clinton said that if North Korea became aggressive that the US would “overwhelmingly retaliate,” adding that “it would mean the end of their country as they know it.”

His words were sharp and his rhetoric was strong, but nobody accused Bill Clinton of leading us into war. The New York Times report on his warning was matter-of-fact, and painted Clinton as a strong leader. Now, when reporting on similar rhetoric from this president, the media is undermining our national security through hyperbole.

It’s even more revealing when you consider that the left’s most revered presidents were all avid national security presidents. FDR, JFK, Truman, and Clinton were all hawks when it came to their rhetoric aimed at our enemies. But liberals get a free pass on these matters. It’s only Republicans who are criticized for speaking in defense of the nation.



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