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Special Counsel Charges Flynn With Making False Statements To FBI

Special Counsel Charges Flynn with Making False Statements to FBI

By Brett Linley

The investigation into Russian election meddling has just heated up. Special counsel Robert Mueller, per Politico, has just brought charges to former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Flynn will face the charge of making false statements to the FBI.

Mueller’s office announced Friday morning that a plea hearing for Flynn had been scheduled for later in the day at a federal courthouse in Washington. Flynn is scheduled to appear before U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras at 10:30 a.m. Friday.

Flynn originally resigned from the NSA position for lying to Vice President Pence concerning conversations he’d had with Russia’s then-ambassador before the election. The charges raised now pertain to how Flynn may have lied about those talks to the FBI.

The maximum sentence for such a charge is 5 years in prison, and it is uncertain still how Flynn will plead. So far, this is the most significant development regarding the Russia investigation.

While former-President Obama had “warned Trump against hiring Flynn,” Trump took no heed. The retired General certainly had an impressive resume, and Trump appreciated his military background.

Now, however, the choice of Flynn may come back to haunt the President. Before he was even on the Trump campaign, Flynn “received more than $65,000 from RT, Russia’s state-owned TV network, and two other Russian companies in connection with a trip to Moscow in 2015 to give a speech.”

Certainly, such news does not directly implicate Trump. However, it speaks to how Russian elements found their way into his inner-circle. By failing to take more care about who he picked for his team, Trump has made life harder on himself than need be.

Discussing sanctions with then-ambassador Kislyak before the election, which Flynn did, is trouble enough. Lying to the FBI about it would be even worse.

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