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Sorry Liberals, It’s Gun Control Not Gun Rights That Turn Cities Into The Wild West

Sorry Liberals, It’s Gun Control Not Gun Rights That Turn Cities Into the Wild West

As talk of national concealed carry reciprocity picks up steam, the left has taken to their soap box to warn us all that such widespread protection of our Second Amendment rights would turn American cities into the “Wild West.” This common refrain from the left would be laughable if their gun policies weren’t actually costing lives every day.

Liberal pundits say that national reciprocity will create chaos and havoc, the likes of which can now only be found in places like Detroit and Chicago — American cities with the strictest gun control laws in the nation. It doesn’t matter how many times a terrorist shoots up a gun-free zone or how often concealed carriers save lives. The left refuses to understand very simple concepts. Most importantly, criminals don’t obey the law and gun-control only prevents law-abiding individuals from possessing a means to defend themselves.

Contrary to what the left tells us, it is their policies of disarmament that turns cities into the Wild West. As of July 31st, the city of Detroit has seen 136 murders, 81% of which were committed with firearms. So much for gun control stemming the violence. Compare that to Austin, Texas, where gun ownership is widespread and only 37 people have been killed in the past 12 months.

The Constitution is clear: the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Equal protection would demand that permits issued by one state be recognized by others. Could you imagine if drivers licenses worked the way gun permits do? You wouldn’t be able to drive out of your state. And automobiles are very dangerous in the wrong hands. Could you imagine if we treated other rights the way we do our right to bear arms? Could you imagine having different standards for free speech in every state?

It’s high time we ended the gross infringement of our right to bear arms that exists by way of blue states regulating and restricting it beyond reason. Let’s tear down the walls and treat the Second Amendment like we do all others in the Bill of Rights. Or we can continue to create victims through disarmament.

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