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The Absurdity Of Never-Ending Trump Criticisms

The Absurdity of Never-Ending Trump Criticisms

By Jim Sterling

If you haven’t heard, Melania Trump caused the latest internet outrage with her choice of shoes for her and the president’s trip to Houston.

Another scandal brewing from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey: the president only donated $1 million of his personal funds toward relief. This apparently isn’t enough, according to the anti-Trump masses. How much has Obama donated, again?

Here’s the thing; I am not a fan of President Trump’s. In fact, I typically oppose most of his policies and I am definitely no fan of his leadership style. Aside from the appointments of Gorsuch and Mattis, I have not agreed with much Trump has done since taking office. Which is fine; in America, we have a democratic system that peacefully transfers powers. One which has a system of checks and balances designed to prevent any one person or one branch from amassing too much power. Put simply, I don’t have to like the president or agree with him. That is a perfectly American attitude to have. I haven’t agreed with a president since Reagan.

But I respect the office and realize that whoever is holding it is our leader. I want them to succeed.

The anti-Trump hysteria has reached fevered proportions. I was not a fan when the right would criticize and undermine every word and action of President Obama’s and I am not a fan of how the left is doing the same thing to a more absurd degree now to President Trump.

If you don’t agree with the president, that’s fine. If you think he’s a bad person, that’s also your right. But when your criticism is so constant and so unreasonable that the only thing he could do right in your mind is to stop existing, you have crossed a line into fanaticism. You are no longer adding substance to discourse, you are just spewing out biased hatred and partisan nonsense.

If you can’t agree that donating $1 million to hurricane relief is a pretty good thing for Trump to do, you are irrational and should not be listened to. If you can’t stop criticizing him even when he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing, then your criticisms ultimately mean nothing. If the man cannot address hurricane victims and the nation and call for support and perseverance without you being triggered into a blind rage, you have lost all objectional reason.

We need to stop playing into the divisive and polarizing rhetoric. We need to be civil with each other once again. We need to elevate our discourse. At the end of the day, we are all Americans. Let the fringe elements fight in the streets. The rest of us need to work on reconnecting and recognizing our common interests and concerns. The president isn’t what’s wrong with this country; people who cannot pause, even after a disaster, and allow political biases to take a back seat for one moment are what’s wrong with this country.

The criticisms of Trump have transcended rationality and moved into the territory of delusion. The man is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. It’s time for us to stop obsessing about him and start focusing on one another. Despite what the president or the media says or does, this is our country. Let’s take it back by being decent and civil to one another and stop the petty mud slinging. If we don’t, demagogues will continue to control the debate.

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