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No, Trump Is Not The Most Racist President In Modern US History

No, Trump is Not the Most Racist President in Modern US History

By Brett Linley

As a libertarian, there is much to criticize President Trump for. It is not worth going through that entire list here. However, sometimes it is necessary to defend The Donald. The simple reason? Because his leftist critics often go completely off the reservation to try and attack him.

The most recent example of this comes from presidential historian, Douglas Brinkley. As reported by the Hill, Brinkley came out to say, “No president has been so racially insensitive and shown outright disdain for people who aren’t white.” This pertains to Trump’s recent “shithole countries” comment regarding Dreamers.

Naturally, this was a prime opportunity for leftist politicians and activists to start virtue signaling. This isn’t to say that they don’t have a point at all. Certainly, the remarks did nothing to improve our standing in the world. However, the lengths that they have gone to malign the President have grown tiresome.

To suggest that Trump is an obscene racist, just because he says mean things, ignores what other Presidents have actually done. Brinkley believes that the last President as racially insensitive as Trump was Woodrow Wilson. Most famously, Wilson showed the Ku Klux Klan film, Birth of a Nation, in the White House. Notably absent from Brinkley’s analysis, though, is another famous wartime president.

The man clearly missing, of course, is President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Why does Roosevelt take the cake? Well, we can start by looking at the notorious race-based prison camps of his tenure. During World War II, Roosevelt issued the executive order that led to the internment of many Japanese Americans.

As American citizens, they should’ve had the same rights as any of us. Instead, due process was viciously assaulted under this President. Yes, Trump carries views towards Mexico that many find unsavory. Even so, there are many that support immigration restrictions without any racial overtones. The President’s remarks after the Charlottseville riots, blaming violence on “both sides,” weren’t as strong as many would hope.

Trump has had his moments, and his brash language is not likely to change in the near future. Until he does anything as obscene as imprisoning people based on race, though, people should take it easy. Keep your powder dry for an actual emergency.

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