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Major ‘Game Of Thrones’ Scene Leads To Accusations Of Sexism

Major ‘Game of Thrones’ Scene Leads to Accusations of Sexism


Last night’s Game of Thrones episode contained one of the most important scenes in the show’s history. As Samwell and Gilly were combing through scrolls, the former Wildling woman made an important discovery. While reading the diaries of High Septon Maynard, Gilly discovered that Prince Rhaegar Targaryen had annulled his first marriage and secretly married another woman in Dorne. Of course, fans knew at once the implications of this revelation: Rhaegar had actually married Lyanna Stark before her death–meaning Jon Snow isn’t a bastard at all and is, in fact, the true heir to Iron Throne.

However, Samwell, her partner, was annoyed by her and barely listened to what she was saying, shrugging off this important information without realizing what it meant. Critics have lambasted the show for having Samwell mansplain to Gilly while ignoring her discovery.

This reaction is juvenile, to say the least. Yes, a woman discovered an important piece of information and the man was too busy talking down to her to notice. That’s not sexism on the show’s part–that’s the entire point! The show is illustrating how women are often disregarded. It’s showing us how Samwell’s unwillingness to listen to her is bad. You’re supposed to feel sympathy for Gilly and annoyance with Samwell in that instance.

Outrage is all the rage lately, to the point where SJWs don’t even realize when a show is making a point they agree with by illustrating the opposite. This is becoming familiar ground for the Game of Thrones showrunners, whose next project, a show depicting an alternate world where the South won the Civil War, is already being labeled as racist, despite its obvious intent to depict racism and the Confederacy as immoral.

What do you think? Did the writers purposely use Samwell to illustrate how women can be dismissed or was this actually an instance of sexism? Let us know on Facebook what you think.

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