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Hypocrisy, The Confederacy And The Right

Hypocrisy, the Confederacy and the Right

By Ray Davis

We’ve all heard the refrain: “the KKK was created by Democrats!” This fact is often spouted off by conservatives and right wingers to deflect allegations of racism. And it is 100% true, the KKK was created by Democrats. That’s because the Confederacy was a movement of Democrats, as the Democratic Party was the conservative party of its day.

But you don’t see liberals and Hillary supporters waving the Confederate flag and holding rallies to defend Confederate statues. If the right is so quick to pin the crimes of the KKK on the left, why are they defending the larger movement the KKK sprang from?

The truth is that what sympathy does exist for the Confederacy today is found on the right. This isn’t controversial to say; it’s the naked truth. We all know it. We see where and by whom the Confederate flag is flown and what views it is commonly associated with today.

The right will disown the KKK but defend the Confederacy — this is hypocrisy and double speak. The KKK was a product of the Confederacy. The right should revere Lincoln, the father of the Republican Party, but instead many on the right romanticize the Confederacy.

It’s plain as day to any unbiased observer that the right is trying to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to the Confederacy. If they wish to disown all things Democrat, then they ought to be celebrating when Confederate statues are taken down. If the right believes its own rhetoric on this matter, the Old Dixie flag should be viewed as a symbol of leftist racism.

What we really have is conservatives trying to defend the Confederacy and wash their hands of the hatred and racism associated with it. They have a simple choice: disown the KKK and the Confederacy as Democrat creations or defend both as ideological counterparts to their current worldview.

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