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Fox Poll On Immigration Triggers Immigration Hawks

Fox Poll On Immigration Triggers Immigration Hawks

Trump supporters have a contentious relationship with polling. During the primaries, when polls showed Donald Trump running away with the Republican Party nomination, his supporters loved polls. Then, when polls showed Trump losing to Hillary Clinton, polls became “fake news.” Now a new poll has those Trump supporters who voted for the president because of his immigration rhetoric outraged. The poll isn’t from CNN, either, but their dear Fox News.

The Fox News poll shows that American opinion on illegal immigration has shifted sharply over the past two years. To the point where now 83% of Americans support some sort of path to citizenship for those who were brought here illegally as children. The DACA recipients.

“The same poll that showed Hillary winning!” sneered one highly-liked Facebook commenter, who must be unaware that Hillary did win the popular vote.

“Fake news!” echoed another.

The poll showed even 63% of Trump voters support a path to citizenship for the DACA immigrants.


Fox News reports:

The poll finds a record-high 83 percent of voters support setting up a system for all illegal immigrants who are currently working in the country to become legal residents, up nine points since last year. Just 14 percent say “deport as many as possible,” down from a high of 30 percent in July 2015.

There is rare partisan agreement on all fronts.

Democrats (66 percent), Republicans (60 percent) and independents (59 percent) all agree it is important Congress work on Dreamer legislation. Partisans are also in sync on granting work permits and U.S. citizenship to these individuals, as majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and independents favor both actions.

Moreover, 63 percent of Trump voters favor granting Dreamers citizenship.

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