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Facebook Once Again Bans ‘The Liberty Review’ Owner For Tide Pod Meme

Facebook Once Again Bans ‘The Liberty Review’ Owner for Tide Pod Meme

By Brett Linley

Well, here we are again. Flexing their almighty ban hammer, Facebook slapped another ban upon The Liberty Review owner, Tom Champlin. What was the crime? For mocking teenagers that willingly ingest laundry detergent, yet still claim the intellectual high ground on gun control.

While obviously nothing more than satire, Facebook still thought it necessary to ban Mr. Champlin. He was notified that Facebook was locking him out of his account for 30 days, with the threat that further trangressions would lead to further bans.

This is not the first time Facebook banned Mr. Champlin for a humerous yet benign meme. Hardly over a month ago, the site doled out a ban for a different Tide Pod joke.

Naturally, as a private corporation, Facebook can rightfully ban content on their site. However, it’s questionable why they banned these memes in the first place. The site claims that Mr. Champlin violated their “community standards,” but that seems like a stretch.

Certainly, the memes were not advocating for people to eat tide pods. They weren’t suggesting any bodily harm should come to people who do. All they did was satirize a curious trend today’s teens are participating in.

Of course, it’s certainly possible that the mockery of gun control riled some people up. That’s fair, given the recent school shooting in Florida. But all the same, just because people propose foolish solutions, it doesn’t mean we have to accept them. It’s fine to joke about the left, just as the left jokes about the right.

This meme was no more outrageous than all of those that left-wing pages use to mock conservatives. Yet, this one earned the ban. Facebook has a curious history of targeting conservative pages. It’s an issue that deserves attention, or it will continue to happen.




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