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Dear Liberals, You Will Never Get Our Guns

Dear Liberals, You Will Never Get Our Guns

By Jim Sterling

Another tragedy has occurred and before we even understand what happened liberals are foaming at their mouths, once again blaming their fellow Americans for anything wrong with the world. It’s legal gun owners, the nefarious NRA, and the Republican Party who are truly to blame for the action of an evil mass murderer, according to the left. The man who committed this evil and his motives don’t matter to them.

In response to the left, I have penned this letter:

Dear Liberals,

Once again you have shown your true colors. You have chosen to make your fellow Americans the enemy and have demonized us in the media and across social media. You want us to take the blame for the actions of a depraved individual. We refuse.

Law-abiding gun owners and gun proponents will not be your scapegoats. We do not have to answer for the actions of a killer. And, if it turns out the killer was an anti-Trump fanatic, you will not have to answer for him, either. In a free society, the innocent are not punished for the crimes of others. Groups are not blamed for the action of a single individual.

Furthermore, you will not take our guns. Not now. Not ever. Stop trying. We will never give up our rights. Certainly, not as long as Republicans control Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court.

In your frustration, you have smeared your fellow Americans. I’m here to tell you that legal gun owners are not your enemy. We are the only thing that will come between you and a terrorist in a public place. We are mothers and fathers who want to protect our families. We are sportsmen and competitors. We are instructors who teach people how to safely handle firearms.

Nor is the NRA or the GOP you enemy. These are simply the people who represent our interests as gun owners.

Is it too much to hope that we could come together as a country for once? Can’t we just mourn our losses and unite in our grief? Does it have to come down to one side or another demanding government action that alienates the other?

Because, to be perfectly clear, you will never get our guns. The public opinion will never be on your side. The law will never be on your side. And we will never comply. We are not up for compromise. There is no middle road. We will not relinquish our God-given, constitutionally enshrined right to own a firearm and defend those we love.

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