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Alt-Right Racists Condemn Corporations And Capitalism

Alt-Right Racists Condemn Corporations and Capitalism

By Brett Linley

The National Policy Institute (NPI), a white nationalist think-tank founded by Richard Spencer, recently held a conference to pary around their thoughts on white supremacy. Interesting enough, however, is how the topics of economics and capitalism snuck in.

As reported by The Nation, the far-right groups in attendence harbor no great love of free-market economic policies. On the contrary, the speakers there were fairly clear in their disdain for capitalism and support for socialist policies.

To some, this might come as a mild surprise. After all, right-wing groups tend to champion market competition and distrust heavy government intrusion. When considering these particular groups that Spencer and his ilk lead, however, it in fact becomes much easier to see otherwise.

For many libertarians and conservatives, the root of opposition to the political left is a desire for freedom. For members of the alt-right, however, opposing the left is an ends within itself. Freedom takes a backseat to simply controlling the power levers for themselves. It should come as no surprise that they want to control issues pertaining to the economy, as well as race.

Alt-Right Policies are Built on Exclusion

If an alt-right member tells you that they want to cut welfare, it’s worth taking pause. More often than not, it’s safe to assume they don’t mean for their people. NPI’s Richard Spencer puts it best:

“I support national health care. Becoming alt-right means…we have duties to our fellow [white] people. And the trillions spent in insane wars, I would much rather spend that on something that is immediately useful to whites.”

As the quote demonstrates, the alt-right doesn’t consider social services as wasteful or inefficient on principle. They’re just poorly used on anyone other than whites. This line of thought extends beyond health care. When it comes to a national income, Spencer said, “actually, I really like the idea.” As long as, of course, whites are the only recipients of the benefits.

Spencer wasn’t the only one flexing his socialist muscles, though. Eli Mosley, member of campus group Identity Evropa, stated that, “We need to be explicitly anti-capitalist.” He followed that up by proclaiming, “2018 is going to be the year of leftists joining the white-nationalist movement!”

None of this should come as a surprise. For a movement founded on the principles of maintaining a white nation, the government is a natural tool. Government policy mainly consists of taking things from one person and giving them to someone else. For the alt-right, it’s about taking from minorities and giving to whites.

The Market is the Antithesis of the Alt-Right

A free-market economy is the natural enemy of Spencer’s racist alt-right. Spencer’s ideal society requires force. Markets exist through cooperation. The alt-right requires exclusion. Markets thrive through inclusion. White nationalists seek to transfer to those that have not earned. Such a philosophy is not of libertarianism, but socialism.

So, when Richard Spencer criticizes the GOP tax cut as, “stupid…Reaganite nostalgia,” no should should bat an eye. Much like with the left, his philosophy implies that resources belong to no one person. They belong to the nation. In Spencer’s case, a white nation.

While libertarians often want to reach out to the left on what makes us freer, the alt-right wants to bond with them over what constricts us. Some people, misguidedly, have viewed free-marketeers and the alt-right as one and the same. Now, however, the gloves are off.

It is clear that alt-right seeks not only to control the culture within their perverse social order, but also the economy. Corporations and capitalism are perceived as nothing but Jewish interests. The freedoms that markets bring are naught but impediments to their white nation. So, when it comes to fighting the alt-right, capitalism is our best tool yet.



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