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7 Liberal Talking Points About Vegas And Guns DEBUNKED

7 Liberal Talking Points About Vegas and Guns DEBUNKED

By Jim Sterling

1. Gun Control Laws Would Have Prevented The Vegas Massacre

Not a single law on the books or proposed would have prevented this tragedy. Especially not legislation about silencers, which has been the go-to strawman for liberals the past 24 hours. It is very likely Stephen Paddock broke several existing laws in preparation for this heinous act. Either way, anyone intending on killing mass numbers of people is not going to be stopped by laws.


2. It’s Time to Talk About Gun Laws

No, it’s actually not. See number 1.

Liberals are acting like this tragedy would have been lessened if Paddock had used bombs or drove a truck through the crowd. How many guns were used on 9/11?


3. The NRA is Evil and the Reason We Can’t Pass Gun Laws

The NRA is a lobby that would not exist if liberals were not determined to strip away our Constitutional rights. It is made up of regular, everyday Americans who want someone to represent their interests in Washington. The NRA is a product of a well-armed populace that wants to protect its rights. It is not a bogeyman or some nefarious organization. In fact, no organization does more to ensure gun safety, as NRA licensed instructors teach individuals how to properly and safely use and store firearms.


4. The GOP is Evil and the Reason We Can’t Pass Gun Laws

Our representatives were elected to represent our opinions and concerns. They are doing their jobs by defending our rights. You lost the elections, liberals. That means that America voted against your ideas. Deal with it.

Bottom line is that elected officials are doing their jobs when they stand by the values and principles of their constituents. It’s your fellow Americans you disagree, not the representatives that represent them.


5. Good Guys With Guns Don’t Save Lives

Except they do. Try telling that to the people in this Nashville church who were saved by a good guy with a gun. It happens all the time. It just doesn’t make the national news.

Just check out and see for yourself how many legal gun owners save lives.


6. The Second Amendment Was Never Intended for Today’s Guns

The founders knew gun technology and all technology would advance. The Second Amendment is about protecting freedom, not about what types of guns are and are not to be allowed. Remember, many of the founders were actually inventors. These people understood advances in firearm technology were inevitable.

What so many fail to understand today is that gun ownership is the bedrock of freedom. That’s why the founders enshrined it in the Bill of Rights. It is every bit as relevant today as it was the day it was written. Just like the First Amendment. Imagine¬†arguing that free speech shouldn’t apply to the internet because the founders could never have envisioned it. It’s assinine.


7. Gun Owners and Advocates Share the Blame for the Attack

Gun owners and advocates do not have to answer for the actions of a morally depraved and irrational man. In a free society, individuals are held responsible for their actions, not groups. Every day you encounter peaceful individuals carrying guns without your knowledge. We are fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters who exercise our rights so that we may defend ourselves, our loved ones, and even others if the situation calls for it. We are your neighbors and we are your best hope in a terrorist attack.

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